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Noida has been the epicentre for real estate investment in NCR for the last few years and is significantly gaining momentum. Though there are many reasons for this growth, a major credit goes to the ease of doing business in Uttar Pradesh and the single window clearance from the local government.

Hence, Noida’s commercial real estate is booming like never before. In this ever-changing arena of real estate, many developers have created amazing developments, all unique in themselves. EON (Eye of Noida) is one of the most sought-after commercial developments in town.

Brought by a trusted developer, located strategically, and being a premium classic, the property is all in itself a marvel.

If you are unsure on how you can leverage on investing in Fairfox EON, Noida, and the benefits of investing in this property, keep reading. Today, we’ll decode everything you need to know to make a remarkable investment here.

What sets apart Fairfox EON, Noida?

Situated in Sector 140A, Fairfox Eon Noida is easily accessible for residential neighbourhoods, IT parks, and educational institutions. This is advantageous to it because it offers excellent visibility and foot traffic.

Making an investment in retail stores or office space here is a good deal. Fairfox Eon is a development project in Noida that, once complete, will offer guaranteed rental yields along with significant capital appreciation.

It is more than 13,800 square metres in size and has roughly 1157 apartments for sale. Another highlight is its location. Located on the Noida Expressway, which happens to be a major economic corridor, the property will see high appreciation once operational.

The key highlights of the property include its IGBC rating and three-side open plotting. It is a RERA registered property just minutes from the Sector 137 metro station. The property is located just 10 minutes from the Noida Expressway and is one of those properties that stands tall in the middle of two international airports.

Different Types of Investment in Fairfox EON?

As an investor, everyone loves a little option. Hence, Fairfox Eon does a good job of creating a vast product mix in different sizes and configurations that stands out. There’s something for everyone here from an investment perspective. Let’s have a clear look at what Fairfox Eon (UPRERAPRJ211016, UPRERAPRJ716606) offers.

  • Retail Spaces

EON (Eye of Noida) promises to uplift the shopping experience of Noidaites with its amazing high street retail shops that promise extravaganza. For investors who want to start a new business or simply invest to earn stable rental incomes, this is a great choice of investment.

  • Office Spaces

Located in Noida’s premium employment hubs, there is always a demand for office spaces near the Noida Expressway, thanks to the multimodal connectivity. Therefore, for seasoned investors, this is a smart choice.

  • Food Court

The developer is making sure that the commercial development has a good tenant mix, therefore, with retail spaces, and office spaces there will be a demand for quality snacking options. Therefore, different sizes of food courts are also available for investment.

  • Commercial Studio Apartments

For first time investors, investing in commercial studio apartments is a smart choice since the ticket size of these investments are on a lower side. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to make a real estate purchase for the first time, this is a good choice.

Is investment in Commercial properties worth it?

India’s real estate market has always been demanding for residential properties, especially for first-time buyers or retail investors. However, in the last few years, the narratives have changed, and there has been a paradigm shift in how we perceive real estate.

Therefore, commercial investments are today thought to be a smart move from an investment point of view. This is because of the implementation of RERA and the strictness of the law. Besides, today, it is easy to gather information and make the best decisions since awareness has increased.

Commercial investment generally has a higher rental value (8 to 12% per annum) than residential investment (3-6% per annum). Also, commercial spaces have higher leasing tenures than otherwise, therefore safeguarding investors for a longer duration.

The closing statements

Noida is soon going to be one of India’s biggest commercial and economic corridors. Hence, if you as an investor want to leverage on the investment, it is wise to start early. These days, Noida’s real estate is quite affordable but is seeing a surplus increase in appreciation. Though it’s great news for investors, it might not be so for people who want to make new investors, especially those who want to wait for some more time.

Fairfox Eon in Noida has a great commercial property to offer in Sector 140A, Noida Expressway. You can leverage the investment by investing in food courts, retail spaces, office spaces, and commercial studio apartments. The different sizes allow investors to enter the realty market in smaller ticket sizes to gain confidence in the market. Hence, you should not miss this investment opportunity in the RERA-approved project.