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When done correctly, real estate investing can yield remarkable returns. The benefits are astounding, especially considering the low risk involved compared to other investment options.

Nonetheless, investing in real estate requires time, proper planning, and thorough market research.

Many real estate properties in Noida can yield significant returns if invested correctly. This is only feasible if the investor knows the basics of the market and has clear goals and objectives for their investment.

However, if you are looking for a property that offers long-term capital appreciation, Noida’s most happening location is the region across Noida Expressway. This region has many unique commercial properties that are either ready to move in or under construction.

Therefore, today, let’s dive deep into Noida to see why commercial investment brings long-term gains and check the best property to invest in.

Commercial investment vs Residential investment: A major touchpoint

Real estate investment can be divided into two categories, i.e., commercial and residential categories. Investing in residential property has always been the top priority in India. However, in the last few years, commercial investment has been gaining popularity, and many investors are choosing to invest in commercial properties over residential.

This is simply because of the appreciation and the returns commercial properties bring. Here are some of the top factors:

  • Commercial properties yield more rental income (8-12% per annum)
  • Longer lease duration
  • Capital appreciation is as per the economic growth of the country.
  • High demand

Given that commercial properties come in many types, including retail spaces, office spaces, corporate spaces, food courts, plots, and commercial studio apartments.

Reasons why Noida is a hotspot of high returns

There are many reasons that have played a vital role in making Noida a hub for real estate developments, surpassing the likes of Gurugram and Delhi. However, if there is one reason why Noida is what it is today, it is undoubtedly the upcoming Noida International Airport. It single-handedly brought the city into the limelight and gave it worldwide exposure. The city has already received more than ₹70,000 crore in investments. These investments will create more jobs in Noida and will

However, there are other reasons one should look forward to investments in Noida. Here are additional reasons to consider:

  • Noida has a strategic location advantage that makes it easily connected to Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.
  • Noida is well connected by road, rail, and metro, making it easy for businesses to transport goods and attract customers. The soon-to-be-operated Noida International Airport will further enhance connectivity.
  • A growing IT hub, the city hosts a young and dynamic workforce.
  • Noida’s Real estate is quite affordable compared to cities like Gurugram, Delhi, and other NCR cities.
  • The city can easily do business, attracting many companies and fostering a healthy business environment.

The Best Commercial Property in Noida for best returns

Many commercial properties in Noida offer many well-thought-out environments. However, if you are looking for a property that can provide you with high capital appreciation and has great value for money, Fairfox Eon in Noida is your address.

A Brief Introduction

Eon Fairfox is located in Sector 140A, which is close to employment centres, IT parks, schools, and residential neighbourhoods. It benefits from this, as it promises tremendous visibility and footfall.

This property is an excellent option for investing in office spaces, retail spaces, or showrooms. Fairfox Eon in Noida is currently under construction and will bring high capital appreciation once it is ready to move in, in addition to secured rental yields.

It covers over 13,800 square metres and has about 1157 units for sale. Eon Fairfox offers many options for individuals seeking commercial real estate on the Noida Expressway.

The most unique feature

Eon Fairfox is one of the most anticipated developments on the Noida Expressway and will be the talk of the town once it’s ready. Here’s its unique feature and location advantage, which make it worth the investment.

  • IGBC Rated with 3 Side open plot
  • High Residential Catchment due to residential sectors in the backdrop
  • RERA registered project
  • 5 minutes away from Sector 137 metro
  • Noida-Greater Noida Expressway in 10 minutes distance
  • Right in the middle of India’s two largest airports
  • Educational institutes like Maharishi University and Somerville International Schools in 5 km radius
  • Healthcare units in less than 2 km radius

Over To You

Noida is a great location to start your investment journey, and it’s an excellent choice for real estate investors due to several factors. However, in this oasis of increasing number of new projects, all from top developers at remarkable locations, in case you want a project bound to bring long-term capital appreciation, Fairfox Eon Noida is your address.

By investing in Eon Fairfox, you can take advantage of contemporary features and services. In addition to the benefits, many other elements are involved in giving your customers a flawless experience.