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Nowadays, people enjoy passive income through their investments as it becomes their source of income at retirement. Thus, it becomes important for real estate investors to choose the right property that helps them to attract tenants and get good returns on the investment.

One commercial property is getting the attention of many investors and attracting them, i.e., Fairfox EON in Noida. Let’s know more about the property and see how it’s a good option for you in the long run.

Is commercial property good for rental income than residential?

Many investors feel the same confusion as they can’t decide which property seems profitable for them regarding rental income. Thus, if you want good rental income, then commercial property like Fairfox EON is a profitable option for you in the long run.

Here are the facts which prove that commercial property is a better option for investment regarding rental income.

  • In commercial property, the lease period is longer, i.e., 3-5 years, and can be extended. Therefore, it gives a stable income for a longer time.
  • The rental yield is higher in commercial properties than in residential ones. In commercial property, the rental yield is approximately 6-8% a year, whereas in residential, it is 2-4% a year.
  • As new companies plan to expand their business and new start-ups are established, the demand for commercial space is rising, giving you the opportunity to get higher returns.
  • In commercial property, you don’t have to bear the other expenses once you get the property. The tenants bear the other expenses required in the building, which helps you save money.
  • The commercial property is not volatile with the market changes. On the other hand, residential properties get easily affected by market changes.

Thus, it’s clear that commercial property is a good investment option, especially if your investment purpose is to get stable rental income for a longer time.

Why is Fairfox EON a good commercial investment option?

Fairfox EON is a profitable commercial property that is established in Sector 140A. If you want to earn good rental income for a longer time, then the project is beneficial for you in the following ways:

   1. Good location to attract footfall

The property is located in the best location of Noida, i.e., sector 140A, which helps in attracting many customers due to the well-established connectivity through metro routes, public transport, and other things.

It increases the commercial property’s footfall, making it a profitable location for investors who like to establish their business.

   2. Trusted builder

Different builders are present in the market, so it is important to choose the right one that gives possession on time and offers profitable investment options. Fairfox Itinfra is a trusted brand in the real estate market which gives profitable returns to investors.

Choosing a property from a trusted builder is always a good decision so that the tenants can invest in the property without any worry.

   3. Best amenities and facilities

Investors get attracted to the property because of the amenities and facilities that help them establish it. This project offers many amenities like service lifts and escalators, car parking facilities, and many more.

Fairfox EON gives all the necessary amenities and facilities, making it easy for the investors to establish the business and find the tenant.

   4. Nearby established commercial properties

Many established commercial properties are nearby, like educational institutes, hospitals, and other properties. Thus, it’s always better in a location where you can find all the necessary properties nearby the location as it increases the footfall.

   5. Residential properties near the project

You can find many residential properties near the project, making it a beneficial decision for investors. With residential properties close to the project, it would be beneficial for you to open commercial shops like retail shops, food courts, shopping complexes, and others.

You will get the desired customer attraction from the residential property which helps the investors to earn profit and get high ROI as well.

Should you go for the commercial property investment at present?

The real estate market is increasing rapidly with the introduction of new players. The government is also helping the investors to get the right property by providing all the necessary help through policies and tax relaxation.

Thus, it is certain that, at present, commercial property is a good investment option that gives profitable returns to investors.

You can explore different commercial investment options in Noida, like the Fairfox EON and others, and get the tenants easily. Remember all the facts in mind while choosing the commercial property so you won’t have to face any problems after the investment.